I don't know, I think Andreas' point has at least some validity... the
page he linked to does in fact state:

"*First-class AJAX support* - Add interactivity and flexibility with
AJAX tags that look and feel just like standard Struts tags."

Seems like if that's no longer the case, to whatever extent it's no
longer the case, then that line should be removed from that page or
modified as necessary, in the interest of honest advertising if nothing
else. Just being able to use any AJAX library you wish, as Al correctly
states, doesn't by extension mean that S2 has "first-class AJAX
support". At least, *I* wouldn't consider it first-class support.

What Martin said is of course valid as well: if someone out there wants
these tags/plugin to exist, put in the effort. The Struts team has the
right to do what they want with the project, and you have the right to
not use S2 if it doesn't meet your needs... better still, MAKE IT meet
your needs and give back... I think you'll find many people being quite
grateful to you for your efforts.


Frank W. Zammetti
Author of "Practical Dojo Projects"
and "Practical DWR 2 Projects"
and "Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects"
and "Practical Ajax Projects With Java Technology"
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Al Sutton wrote:
The other thing to remember is that S2 doesn't stop you taking any of
the existing AJAX frameworks and using them directly in your JSPs, so
it's no like the change has completely barred the use of AJAX


Martin Cooper wrote:
Let's be clear about this.

* Lots of people think that the Dojo-based AJAX tags would be useful
if they
worked with the latest versions of Dojo, or some other toolkit.
* Few, if any, people want to use them in their current form.
* Nobody has stepped up and offered to migrate these tags to anything
whether that's a newer version of Dojo or another toolkit.

So, the short answer is, step up or shut up.

We'd be happy to see someone take on this task, but I have had it up to
_here_ with people who complain and expect someone else to do the work.

Martin Cooper

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:19 PM, Andreas Joseph Krogh
On Wednesday 14 January 2009 23:42:18 Gustave Pheiffers wrote:

Thanks for the info.

It would be a shame if the <sx tags were to disappear because they are
easy to use especially the "<sx:submit validate="true"..." with Ajax
validation. But I suppose its alot of work to upgrade/maintain the DOJO

I think there should be a warning-sign about this on the web (
http://struts.apache.org/2.1.6/index.html). Built-in AJAX-support
(first-class AJAX support) is one of the things Struts2 announces as a
main-feature, and with the dojo-plugin going away this isn't true
any more.

This means Struts-2.1 no longer has any decent ui-tags?

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