Does anyone notice what is happening here?
On 8/8/06, Don Brown wrote:

Sounds reasonable. Open up a JIRA ticket and attach the patch, and I'll
apply it.


Chris Waring wrote:
Don Brown-2 wrote:
3) Should we add the capability to configure the JSF application,
listeners, etc. from within the Struts config? How far do we go with
I'm not sure that we would want to allow navigation, validation, and
like to be configured using the Struts config?
I'd say no for now, but if we move to a more extensible XSD-based XML
format later on, it might be interesting to combine them.
What about just adding a couple of paramaters to the
for the heavily used things like VariableResolver, MessageBundle,
ViewHandler and maybe ActionListener (although I don't think many people
change this one)?

The config might look something like this:
<interceptor-ref name="jsfApplicationSetup">
<param name="actionListener"></param>
<param name="defaultRenderKitId"></param>
<param name="localeConfig"></param>
<param name="messageBundle"></param>
<param name="navigationHandler"></param>
<param name="propertyResolver"></param>
<param name="stateManager"></param>
<param name="variableResolver"></param>

The FacesSetupInterceptor Code could then check the parameter variables to
see that they are not null, create the requested class and set the class on
the JSF application object using the appropriate setter.


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