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I am just trying to figure out how all the movement the last few years fits
into this supposed picture of reality. How does Shale fit into this? How
does WebWorks fit into this? This is mere words without any inkling of the
reality of what happens on Struts.
On 6/22/06, Ted Husted wrote:
On 6/22/06, Michael Jouravlev wrote:
In the meantime I want to make sure that SAF1 will not be simply
removed from source repository just because SAF2 is the official
The future belongs to the volunteers willing to do the work. So long
as we have volunteers to work on the SAF1 codebase, then the work will

Trying to kill a codebase is a marketplace ploy. As an ASF project,
our mandate is *not* "conquer the marketplace". Our mandate is to
create an environment where a community of volunteers can collaborate
on open source software. If the product finds marketplace acceptance,
that's icing. But, it is *not* the point of the exercise.


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