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The success of Spring is not that "people like modularity".
On 6/21/06, Frank W. Zammetti wrote:

Ted Husted wrote:
So, in addition to including the Action 1.3 JARs in the SAF 2.0
release, essentially, you are suggesting that we also include the
Shale 1.x JARs in the same distribution, so that anyone obtaining SAF2
can use Action 1, Action 2, and/or Shale 1?
Even though Don hasn't answered yet, I have to say I agree with Joe, and
I hope that wasn't the idea... if we have learned anything from the
success of Spring, it should be that people like modularity. Making
sure that Action 1.3, SAF2 and Shale 1.x can be used together as desired
is one thing, bundling them all together is another. I don't think that
will make things easier or less confusing, on the contrary, I can't
imagine it would do anything but make people scratch their heads even

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