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This is so odd. You begin by recognizing the problem and trying to hide
it. Now you deny the problem and want to continue it in spades. Everyone
who knows anything about frameworks sees that these two frameworks are
inherently incompatible. They have been from the start. That is the
problem. Had Craig not had a career dependent presently on the success of
JSF and also the pull at Struts, this mess would never have happened.
On 6/21/06, Don Brown wrote:

Tim O'Brien wrote:
There is obviously a good deal
of exchange, but the frameworks "compete" (not my words).
While this may be true politically, from a code perspective, I completely
disagree. Just about every feature of Shale, AFAIK can easily be used
Action 2: Spring integration, clay, message bundles, basically anything
doesn't use an alternative NavigationHandler or Lifecycle. I think Shale
is a
great project and plan to use it where I can in Action 2 JSF examples as
really makes JSF easier. I think JSF is a very legitimate view option for
Action 2 and Shale fills in JSF's gaps quite nicely.


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