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Struts is not advocating a preference? The Orwellian Speak continues.
Struts is Action. Struts is NOT JSF. Struts does not have a preference
because Struts IS one of the alternatives and one of the alternatives is NOT
Struts. I get a kick out of Don calling people willing to state that the
king has no clothes are radical. The people who are not radical are the
people willing to tell the half truths to keep Craig, and other JSF career
dependent people, happy.
On 6/21/06, Ian Roughley wrote:

If the goal is to separate the life cycles or to share code, then I am
all for it.

But I don't think the end users perception is going to be any different
by this proposed change. The question is still going to be "are we
going to use a JSF or action framework?" Struts is not advocating a
preference (and I don't think it should) and I believe this is the
confusion for most people when making a choice.


Don Brown wrote:
Ted Husted wrote:
As for making the UI tags an independant extension, a al Tiles, that
sounds good too. (Even better if we include the "value added" Ajax
support.) But I don't know if we want to hold back the SAF 2.0.0 to
make it happen. But, for phase 2, sure!
Actually, I'm thinking splitting off the tags would help us get SAF
2.0.0 out the door sooner. A lot of our remaining tickets are for
AJAX tags, which would be in this new project. As for the Tiles
comparison, that is exactly what I was going for.

And to be clear, the tags, at least for the near term, would stay
dependent on Struts Action 2. The reason to split them off would be
to give them their own release cycle and make Struts Action 2 releases
more focused and quicker. The tags have their own group of interested
committers, so I don't see a repeat of our last spinoff attempt. :)


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