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On 6/21/06, Don Brown wrote:

Paul Benedict wrote:
I don't see the point in bundling Shale into a "Struts 2.0"
distribution. No
offense to anyone who develops Shale, but when we have packages called
"action2", it makes it pretty clear Shale is not Struts 2.0 -- only the action
framework. Separate frameworks, imo, get different names and
distributions. I am
not offended Shale is within the Struts community, but I do not see it as the
torch bearer to the name Struts -- I do see that with the AF, which
holds the name.
Again, Struts Action and Struts Shale would both retain their separate
codebases, and release cycles. Struts 2.0 is about building something on
top of
our Struts efforts to create a unified front to users. Users don't care
all the little projects, subprojects, and libraries we have; I think they
want something to help them build webapps - they want Struts 2.0. And as
committer, PMC member and Struts user, I want it too.


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