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Thanks, Ted. Well said!
On 6/21/06, Ted Husted wrote:
On 6/21/06, Don Brown wrote:
I put this proposal out to help bring us together,
not precipitate a "divorce" :)
We're not "divorcing" Tiles. Neither did we "divorce" any of the
components that now live in the commons. We believed each of these
codebase could attract a larger community on their own. We didn't
abandon these components, we still use them. And, no matter where it
lives, now it looks like we can still use Shale and other JSF
components with SAF2. We can give away the cake and eat it too.

As a PMC member, I'm concerned that, after all this time, Shale has
still not had a GA release. We are all busy professionals, and we need
a large community to push a release out the door. Shale has attracted
a hard-working community, but it still has not attracted a large

The question should be what is best for the Shale community? Where
will the people working on Shale going to be the most productive?
Where will they get the most help from other developers and users?

At one time, the answer was here at Struts. But, 18 months later,
maybe the answer has changed. Maybe the best thing for Shale would be
to become a TLP, or a MyFaces subproject. I don't know myself. It's up
to them that are doing the work.

If the people working on Shale still think that this is the still the
best location, then they have my support. But, I do think it is
healthy to ask the question.


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