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It would be impossible to pull off. Since Struts and JSF are inherently
incompatible, there would be a my way or I will run away from home from
Craig and an unwillingness of the Struts community to quit a true controller
based framework. There is no way to make this marriage work.
On 6/21/06, Patrick Lightbody wrote:

My quick thoughts: I think realistically either of the following two
outcomes are positive developments for everyone:

1) We move in the direction of "Struts 2.0", which houses all SAF2 and
Shale and get back for it being OK for folks to say, "I use Struts". We've
all said we want to work together closer, but it's just talk until we take
action to do so. This strategy, as proposed by Don in this thread, would be
the first step in taking action.

2) Shale becomes a TLP. We continue to share code and ideas where it makes
sense, but that is entirely optional. This is effectively what we have now,
except that it would be formalized.

I would prefer option #1, but I know it could be hard to pull off. Either
way, both are good routes to go down and would be healthy for the community.

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