Joerg Schilling wrote:
"C. Bergstr?m" wrote:

Could you please post a URL fot the code?
18n Emancipation Project

(I've not looked at this, but while I'm there grabbing links may as well
include it)
Porting fft
This is extremely few code from John.

I thought he did nore.....
Yes well.. I'm much more interested in your comments of how to implement
c locale/ISO8859-x for those missing functions... There's also redoing
this using netbsd citrus [1] or going and stealing more from fbsd..
Which makes more sense I don't know.. I've not worked with citrus to
know if it meets our general requirements at all, but Patrick/oxygene
pointed me at [2] that shows how they've used it to implement wcstombs..
Looks very clean.. Suggestions/comments?



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