Bill Moseley wrote on 5/30/11 11:46 PM:
I'm looking for more guidance wrt URLs.

Say in the music database example that tracks have a many-to-many relationship
to albums. A track can be associated with zero or more albums.

In the API for this we can POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE /track and /album. But,
what about asserting relationships between the two?

POST /album/$album_id/add_track { track => $track_id };
POST /album_track { album => $album_id, track => $track_id );
POST /album/$album_id/track/$track_id (or /track/$track_id/album/$album_id).

The last one seems best as it allows associating other data with the
relationship, and make DELETE make sense.

And what HTTP status code should be returned if a) the relationship is created?
b) the relationship already exists? I'm not sure it's important that there's a
distinction if only need to assert that the relationship exists. But, a 201
really implies that the resource was created.

I suppose to make this more RESTful the $track_id and $album_id should be URIs
in that second example, but makes less sense in the first and third examples.
(1) consider if/how PUT should be used instead of POST. I've found [0] to be a
helpful guide to the distinction. This seems to affect your (b) question mostly.

(2) I tend to use the 3rd URL example in my apps. I return 201 on creation and
204 on a no-op (your (b) example), or 200 on update or delete success (on DELETE
I return the deleted resource, similar to how Perl's delete() function works on
hash items).

In the end it feels to me like there are probably 1 or 2 best ways to do this
kind of thing, and I emphasize in my apps the consistency and repeatability of
the approach (and document it!) rather than fretting too much about whether I
have got it perfect.

[0] http://jcalcote.wordpress.com/2008/10/16/put-or-post-the-rest-of-the-story/
Peter Karman . http://peknet.com/ . peter@peknet.com

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