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The reference manual is your best bet, though it's not indexed.
What I do is grep all the html files, and usually find what I want.

One of the tricks is that as an OO library, most of the methods
available for a widget are inherited from superclasses, and thus
not documented as part of that class. The new Python-spcific docs
are better in this regard, but I find them a little harder to

I just wanted to add that Vaclav Slavik has written a program called
Documancer that lets you index, search, and make bookmarks for
several different documentation formats, and has some nice touches
like providing highlighted search results. It even has HTML and Web
"providers" so that you can index and search any arbitrary HTML
content, even if it's online. It also can index your man and info
files along with DevHelp files. (CHM support is in development, too.)
IMHO, it's a very useful tool for developers or anyone who wants to
organize various references and online documentation sources. You can
get it from:


I've been working on the Mac port. There's no OS X app bundle yet,
but so long as you have the latest wxPython ( and PyLucene
0.9.3, the Documancer 0.2.6 source release runs fine on Mac, using
the WebKit browser for rendering.

I hope to have an app bundle later this week or early next week in
order to make installing this a truly painless process. :-)



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