I installed mailman on localhost using the following instructions on

But on starting mailman I get an error:
Site-list is missing: mailman-admin

Can anyone help me here?

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Dave Filchak wrote:

Mark Sapiro wrote:
Dave Filchak wrote:

Mark Sapiro wrote:

Did you actually do the test described in the post at
(linked from the FAQ) as the Mailman user?
Yes. This test was fine.

Did you actually try to send mail as described in the post at
(linked from the FAQ) as the Mailman user?
This worked as well although, as I mention below, I am not logged in a
mailman as mailman has no login shell and no password. Do I need to create
one for mailman and try it again?

If you did those as the Mailman user and they didn't show any error,
then I can't explain why it fails when OutgoingRunner does the exact
same thing.

Did not do them as the mailman user but as another user (not root). User
mailman has no login shell (/sbin/nologin) Should mailman need a login shell
and passwd? It never has before and mailman was working. Again, there was a
UPS failure at my ISP and the servers lost power abruptly so something might
have happened then. But everything else is working, including regular mail.

No. Mailman doesn't need a login shell or a password. You should be
able to do, e.g.

sudo -u mailman /bin/bash

in order to get a command shell running as mailman or

sudo -u mailman python

to get a python interpreter.

It seems there is a permissions issue somewhere that is preventing
mailman from accessing something. Make sure /etc/hosts and
/etc/resolve.conf are world readable. If that isn't it, try to narrow
it down by running the tests as mailman using sudo as above.

OK .. ran both tests as mailman. First one was fine. Second one, while it
shown no errors initially, I only received the email that was sent as a rcpt
(secondary email address). The To: email address did not get delivered. The
smtp-failure logs do not show a specific error for that email transaction
but it still shows a ton of the same errors, i.e.:

May 29 16:21:04 2009 (6489) Low level smtp error: (-2, 'Name or service not
known'), msgid: <mailman.1.1243617046.6486.someone at domain.net>
May 29 16:21:04 2009 (6489) delivery to someone at domain.org failed with
code -1: (-2, 'Name or service not known')

Both /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts are world readable. I am truly


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