On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
Vitja Makarov, 30.09.2011 06:41:
2011/9/28 Vitja Makarov:
I tried to build simple plan for ongoing cython function refactoring

* Replace assignment synthesis with SingleAssignmentNode, where LHS is
NameNode and RHS is PyCFunctionNode
* Split function body into python wrapper and C function

Then we can implement some features and optimizations:

* Reduce difference between cdef and def functions
* Store runtime evaluated default values inside CyFunction, ticket #674
* Implement no-args super(), ticket #696
* Function call inlining
If nobody don't mind I would start with first one.
I would love to see this happen.
Please go ahead. :)

Note that you will encounter some problems when enabling name assignments
for all named functions. I tried that at least once and it "didn't work",
but I didn't take the time yet to investigate them further.

I assume you are going to work on this in your own repo?
Please also coordinate with Mark's work on function dispatching for
fused types.

- Robert

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