Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
A) I want Array Of, but not Generics
B) I want Generics, but not Array Of
C) I want both
D) I want neither

Nothing really binding here, its more of a survey than a vote, but it
should help with the next
An RFC survey? This is not what this process is intended for. And these multi-option votes are rather useless. This feels like a waste of time to me.
As has been pointed out ... no mention of 'RFC' so perhaps the title should be
[Survey] rather than [VOTE].

There are a number of fundamental style changes floating around, so perhaps it
is time to have the broader discussion on some of them.
If I am reading things right, generics are called templates in C++ and just
loaded as an additional library. The same in other languages, something which is
optional and can be loaded as and if required?

We also have 'Reflections' which I still have not got my head around and I don't
think there is time to do so at my time of life. With the volume of code I have
maintained via 'docblock' commented type management I see little point in
introducing a different way of working in parallel. While my IDE setup is still
a little behind the current 'core' language structure it works fine - 'For my
style of coding'.

So please can we have the general discussion on 'PHP6' and what fundamental
changes people are prepared to put time into and stop this piecemeal nibbling at
the edges.

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