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On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 7:03 AM, Jeffrey Thalhammer
On May 24, 2011, at 10:51 PM, Cosimo Streppone wrote:

When you start a second project that uses a subset
of project1 dependencies, what do you do?

Do you duplicate the lpan/ and dlib/ folders?
If you had to maintain patches, do you apply the patches
to all your projects lpan/ and dlib/ folders?

These dlib/ and lpan/ could be shared among projects,
but they would lose, I imagine, part of the "self-contained-ness"
of the original idea.
I did think about this a bit.  The dlib/ is always private to the project -- it is a generated directory that contains the fruit of installing the dependencies from the lpan.

As you pointed out, most non-trivial applications consist of several distributions.  In that case, the lpan could be moved outside the project directory, and you could use an svn:external to link it to each of the associated projects.  So the project remains physically self-contained, but logically shares the same lpan with related projects.  But I don't know how you would do this with git.
The same way. Create a separate repository with the shared
dependencies, and include it on your projects as a submodule (git
version of svn externals).

Pedro Melo

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