[Perl6-internals] Re: TIL redux (was Re: What will the Perl6 code name be?)

Chaim Frenkel
Oct 31, 2000 at 5:59 pm
Language confusion. Ariel was discussing TIL you are discussion Threaded

Two different concepts.

"JvV" == John van V <perl_adm@puny.vm.com> writes:
JvV> On 28 Oct 2000 08:06:57 +0200, Ariel Scolnicov wrote :
threaded code is so much slower; this can also be seen as
an indictment of threaded code).
JvV> Now I am really confused. This directly contradicts the Threaded Perl RFC.

Chaim Frenkel Nonlinear Knowledge, Inc.
chaimf@pobox.com +1-718-236-0183

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