"DS" == Dan Sugalski writes:
DS> At 07:36 AM 11/21/00 -0500, David Grove wrote:
However, one thing is seriously lacking in this theory... if the parser is
perl, how does the perl parse? (Sort of a woodchuck chucking wood type of
thing.) Somehow, the external parser API thingy has to know enough perl
(through the chosen language) to be able to handle the parsing.
DS> Nope. We do it in two phases. The end result will not actually parse perl
DS> code to build the parser (we'll provide bytecode for that) but to start we
DS> can run the parser through perl 5 to get a syntax tree until the perl 6
DS> engine's capable of doing it itself.

Sounds fragile.

We bootstrap on perl5 to get a bytecode stream, and then that bytecode
stream had better stay supported.

I remember this game. The Symbolics Lisp Machine (and probably other's of
this ilk) did the same. You were able to modify the World to do anything
and hopefully you saved the original so that when your world fell down
around your ears, you had somewhere to get back to.

Please tell me that I'm wrong. (And that this will be able to parse code
at acceptable speed.)

Anyway, what does this have to do with the API?

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