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Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
Does someone know how to check if the generation
of the html docs from the svn repository
is working?
Yes, it was borked. I've fixed it and just fired off a manual full regen.

For reference see docs/trunk/README.SITE for these instructions.

sudo -H -u perlwww bash


hmm that seemed to have worked, but it clearly isn't. On a hunch, in
file /home/perlwww/
in sub update(), I changed the system("svn update....") command so its
output wasn't sent to /dev/null and see this when I try it again

svn: Working copy 'src/docs/1.0/os' locked
svn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for
Yeah, this has happened before - for some reason a lock was dropped (I
think someone was doing a manual update and got perms wrong. Remember you
need to sudo perlwww before you do the updates.
Thus to fix:
bash-2.05b$ cd /x1/home/perlwww/
bash-2.05b$ svn cleanup

I wonder if its worth making the script smater to account for this
as this is now the second time thats happened since I've been around.
Good call. just remember that by default it should be quiet, and report
only errors.

Stas Bekman
MailChannels: Assured Messaging(TM)
The "Practical mod_perl" book

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