The master will detect that RS is down by periodically checking a
zookeeper ( it will say in the master log, znode expired ). After, it
will check to see if there is anything in /hbase/.logs directory for
that region server, if something is found, master will replay the log
records and 'push' them into region directories, when master is done,
the 'unopened' regions will be opened by the rest of the region
servers and all regions that were down will be back online.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 12:21 AM, shanmuganathan.r
Hi All,

I am running the HBase in fully distributed mode. I used the HBase 0.90.2 version . I have one doubt , that one is what will happen when the Region server is crashed ?

If the one region is managed by one region server then what will happen after the crash of the region server?

Thanks in Advance....



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