Unfortunately, the REST interface only accepts strings and integers.
Therefore, the array [114.25,22.3] is interpreted as a string, as you
can see in the "query" document:
"query" : { "geoNear" : "mytable", "near" : "[114.25,22.3]" }

An attempt to perform a find operation with $near suffers from the
same issue:
"query" : { "gps" : "{$near:[114, 22]}" }
"{$near:[114, 22]}" is interpreted as a string.

For this reason, the REST interface is unable to run many commands.

There is an outstanding JIRA ticket to improve the REST interface:
SERVER-2030 - "Better REST api query"
Unfortunately it is not scheduled for a specific release version.

Now the good news: There is a third-party REST interface for mongo
called Sleepy.Mongoose, which will run commands.


Once you have Sleepy.Mongoose up and running, you can execute a
geoNear command like so:
$ curl --data 'cmd={"geoNear" : "mytable", "near":[114.25,22.3]}'

Further documentation on how to perform database commands with
Sleepy.Mongoose may be found here:

Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

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