Not currently, unfortunately. But we have a redesign of the ops planned
that will make that possible.

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 6:40 PM, R Daneel wrote:

Oops: one more thing! Here's my (working, generic) operator (thanks

[pig-eval-func [pig-func]] [& x]
(into [] (.getAll (.call (.newInstance pig-func) (.newDefaultBag bf
(apply map (fn [y] (.newTuple tf y)) x))))))

and here's how I call it:

(pig-eval-func [datafu.pig.stats.Median] ?x :> ?fx)

buy in this form I can't figure out how to wrap it with c/each, ie. so I
can call it like this:

(pig-eval-func [datafu.pig.stats.Median] ?x ?y :> ?fx ?fy)

Is that possible without drastic surgery?

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