From seeing so many problems on this list and elsewhere, I put in
physical buttons, though I also react appropriately to the menu button.

The worst part is that, even if you are trying to tell your user in tech
support how to access the menu, half the time you can't even say "press
the PHYSICAL menu button" -- or even describe it by an icon or what it
says -- since a lot of phones have soft buttons, and they all seem to
have different icons. And of the phones that have three or four
off-screen buttons, they all seem to be in different random orders as
well. :(

Overall it's a tech support nightmare.

On 1/31/2012 1:28 PM, Brian Conrad wrote:
From my experience I wish I had just used valuable screen real estate
to begin with and put Menu, Settings, Help on the screen. Almost the
number one support question I get is about settings because users
don't know that the Menu button can also be used for apps not just
phone settings. So what do you think of this blog article about the
Menu button going away?

When I read these I wonder how many Google engineers have any softwre
development experience at all "in the trenches?" I wonder if they
ever invite local area Android developers in to get an opinion. I'm
not asking to be invited though Mountain View is about an hour or less
from here but I did go to some Friday afternoon things that Palm had
for developers to get opinions.
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