That depends on exactly what you mean.

If you mean can Dojo 1.2 be used with Struts2, then the answer is yes,
Dojo can be used with virtually any server-side framework, S2 included.
Just drop it into a page and go, same as always.

If you mean can you use Dojo 1.2 in place of Dojo 0.4.0 in the Ajax theme
in S2, then the question is far more difficult to answer. I know that the
Struts team, Ian Roughly in particular (who wrote that theme IIRC) has had
difficulty updating Dojo in the theme. In fact, I believe they decided
that a plugin would be better anyway and went that direction. I think
there's discussion now of what exactly to do. You might be able to update
the theme yourself, but apparently it's far from straightforward.


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On Wed, October 1, 2008 7:25 am, Van Stalle wrote:

Is it possible to use dojo 1.2 together with struts 2 (which uses 0.4) ?
idea is to make some extra functionality but it would be a waste to
using dojo 0.4 for this.

Could someone point me in the right direction ?

Thanks in advance,

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