Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce that my new book, Practical Dojo Projects, is now
available from Apress (more precisely, it'll be available in the next few
days). For details:

This book is different than most because its underlying premise is that
many developers want and even need to learn by seeing real applications
explained and detailed, rather than just seeing a series of simplistic,
contrived examples. They need the context to really understand things.
It's not a style that's for everyone, but for many it's exactly the

After the first few chapters that look at Dojo, what it has to offer and
the usual preliminaries you find in most books, we get into dissecting
four real applications that showcases much of Dojo in the context of real
usage. These applications include:

* A contact manager, a digital rolodex really (I suppose a real rolodex is
a quaint idea nowadays, isn't it?)
* A code snippet cabinet where you can store, categorize and search for
code snippets
* A game (I'm known, after four books, for having a game project in each
of them, and this one is no exception)
* A local business search mashup that uses Yahoo! web APIs to find
businesses in a given area, view maps of the area, etc.

Anyone that has read my previous work will likely tell you I have a bit of
a unique style among technical authors. My writing has a very
conversational, informal style, and I'm something of a wise-a** throughout
:) If you're a fan of pop culture (sci-fi especially) then you'll probably
enjoy many of the non sequiturs I throw in throughout (it's sort of like
watching an episode of Family Guy, although not as vulgar, or Gilmore
Girls even). This style too isn't for everyone, but it seems to go over
well with many better than the usual dry technical writing does anyway.

Thanks for your attention,

Frank W. Zammetti
Author of "Practical Dojo Projects"
and "Practical DWR 2 Projects"
and "Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects"
and "Practical Ajax Projects With Java Technology"
(For info: apress.com/book/search?searchterm=zammetti&act=search)
My "look ma, I have a blog too!" blog: zammetti.com/blog

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