Grokbase Groups CouchDB user May 2009

Another interesting thought would be to embed the Python interpreter in
CouchDB and use it as the primary view server - I like JSON as the storage
medium because it is simple and light weight and I like Python's strength
a general purpose programming language with many mature libraries
RDF, hint hint).
Couch just shells out to's no different than shelling out
to python (or anything else -- hence all the alternative view servers).
Couch was designed with this in mind -- hit the wiki for ideas. You can do
pretty much anything you can dream up with externals -- the only drawback is
they're not portable (for those rare few without python in their path, at

I'll grant you javascript isn't as general purpose as it could be, but don't
write it off yet -- keep an eye on the serverjs project and see what shakes

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