On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:

Dear CouchDB community (again),

Thank you for the thought-provoking feedback about our
commercial services announcement. We're glad so many
people are happy to hear that CouchDB is getting commercial
support. A number of people expressed concern about using
the couchdb.com web address and doing business under the
CouchDB name.

We're pleased to announce couch.io, offering CouchDB support,
training, hosting and development.

For more information see http://couch.io/ or email Chris or me


For those who missed the original announcement:

Why a commercial entity? I (Jan) have been doing commercial
CouchDB consulting for the last nine months and I simply can't
keep up with the demand. So I started looking for partners. First,
meet Francesco and Marcus of Erlang Training and Consulting.
They are providing the same services we will provide for CouchDB,
just for Erlang. With CouchDB written in Erlang, this couldn't be a
better fit. Next up is Chris. I don't have to tell you how much of
CouchDB's success is part of his work. He's also been working
on CouchDB-related things only for the past months. couch.io is
simply a way of organizing our efforts and fulfilling the enormous
(really) demand for professional CouchDB services.

Cheers (again)!

Jan, Chris, Francesco & Marcus

On 8 Mar 2009, at 17:41, Chris Anderson wrote:

I've felt the fair-competition argument a little on my own, so hearing
it from other quarters gives it even greater weight. We're discussing
ways to proceed that take into account the full community, including
competitors (of which we hope to have many!)

Thanks for the perspective, everyone. We'll have more to announce in
the next few days.



Chris Anderson
Awesome name, guys! I didn't realize there was an .io t, but that's even
slicker than using the couchdb.com domain.

Congrats again, and best of luck...


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