I mixed those up, it should be 1.6.5 to 1.8.2, curse my lysdexia.


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No the latest version is 1.8.2
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Isn't the latest version of ant 1.8.2? I heard there will a 1.8.3 release soon, but did a 1.8.5 come out already?

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On 2012-02-07, Cuneo, Nicholas wrote:

We're looking into upgrading ANT, and while doing various testing of
our builds between the two versions, we noticed some of our .class
binaries are different sizes, and was wondering what could cause the
binaries to be different between versions?
I don't recall changing any of the defaults for javac, but 1.6.5 has been quite some time ago ...

If you run "ant -v" javac will tell you the exact command line used and it should tell you what is different now.


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