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Michael Hüttermann schrieb:

how can I use the tasks cvs, exec and xslt in a quiet mode, that the
complete output is only written to a file or totally hidden/deleted?

Or: how can I configure an Ant script to write all its output to a file,
or delete it completely? Then, it has to be configured inside the script,
working with something like "ant > log.txt" does not work in my context.
Hi, Michael

some tasks - f.e. cvs task - have a quiet attribute to reduce noise

two possibilities that will work in any case =

1. ant has different commandline parameters to set the loglevel for the
whole script (default loglevel is info), see =
f.e. ant -debug ... or ant - quiet ...

2. is the most flexible solution i know of to control the noiselevel
set the loglevel within the antscript and adjust it for your needs
taskdef sources see =

usage =
<!-- reduce noise for section with talkative tasks like cvs or copy
we want only messages with loglevel MSG.error -->
<setloglevel level="error"/>
<!-- important section, i want to see ALL -->
<setloglevel level="debug"/>
<!-- get back to default loglevel -->
<setloglevel level="info"/>

maybe there are other solutions with ant 1.7.1, i yet don't know of,
after recently switching from ant 1.6.5 to 1.7.1

Regards, Gilbert

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