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  • I am running R version ??? under Redhat 5.2. It seems as though the --nsize object has no effct on the size of the allocated Ncells as determined using gc(). Yes, I have that much data.... That is if ...
    Tony LongTony Long
    May 15, 1999 at 12:44 am
    May 19, 1999 at 8:31 am
  • Hi Are there any functions that de-convolute data into a given number of clusters, rather like the NPMLE GLIM macros from Murray Aitkin and Brian Francis? Basically I would like to code into R the ...
    John LogsdonJohn Logsdon
    May 6, 1999 at 4:20 pm
    May 7, 1999 at 1:18 am
  • Hi, I've installed the Debian (slink) package r-base 0.63.3-1. There are lots of *.tex files in /usr/lib/R describing all the functions and packages. There must be a canonical way to collect those ...
    Hubert PalmeHubert Palme
    May 7, 1999 at 2:30 pm
    May 11, 1999 at 1:45 pm
  • (I dithered a bit about whether this belongs on r-help (as part of it is a general R question) or r-devel (as it's a question relating to putting stuff on CRAN) but decided it might be of general ...
    Jonathan MylesJonathan Myles
    May 27, 1999 at 6:46 pm
    May 30, 1999 at 6:58 pm
  • Hello everybody, shame on me if I have overlooked something (CRAN, StatLib), but I think I've searched carefully. Maybe it's just too obvious to see for me (happens frequently). Is a function ...
    Uli Flenker; Raum 704Uli Flenker; Raum 704
    May 5, 1999 at 2:42 pm
    May 11, 1999 at 7:38 am
  • I have just upgraded from Red Hat Linux 5.2 to version 6.0 (with GNOME) on an intel box. I have also upgraded to the latest R version (0.64.1-2 rpm) and have also installed the corresponding GNOME ...
    Francisco CribariFrancisco Cribari
    May 13, 1999 at 8:11 pm
    May 14, 1999 at 9:06 am
  • I just downloaded the NT version of R and cannot find anything concrete on loading packages. There is alot on how to do it under Unix. The windows FAQ briefly mentions it but does not explain it. I ...
    Kim HornKim Horn
    May 24, 1999 at 10:28 pm
    May 25, 1999 at 11:43 pm
  • [Moved over from R-devel, because I think it belongs here - MTP] I don't know about problem 1, but problem 2 is caused by you mixing libraries compiled with gcc and egcs. So you should either 1) ...
    Martyn PlummerMartyn Plummer
    May 17, 1999 at 4:37 pm
    May 17, 1999 at 6:34 pm
  • Is there a simple way of getting the legend in the margin as a row of text with pch etc. instead of a column - like * - Case 1 (pch chars) - Case 2 etc. as opposed to * - Case 1 (pch chars) - Case 2 ...
    May 11, 1999 at 6:56 pm
    May 14, 1999 at 4:47 pm
  • I have a contour plot where the surface can take on positive and negative values. I would like to use solid contour lines for positive values and dotted contour lines for negative values. I saw a ...
    Bill SimpsonBill Simpson
    May 10, 1999 at 12:06 pm
    May 11, 1999 at 9:49 am
  • I think my problems are coused by a fundamental R incompatibility in how matrices are stored and the usual way of specifying Cartesian coordinates. When I do ...
    Bill SimpsonBill Simpson
    May 6, 1999 at 1:36 pm
    May 6, 1999 at 5:16 pm
  • When reading comma-delimited files as saved from a spreadsheet (unfortunately many of my scientific collaborators give me these) in read.table(), missing values are spotted most of the time ...
    David ClaytonDavid Clayton
    May 29, 1999 at 5:29 pm
    May 30, 1999 at 10:28 pm
  • I am using R0.64.1 under Windows 95. The help for `pmatch' states that: If `duplicates.ok' is false multiple matches will result in the value of `nomatch' being returned, and if it is true, the index ...
    John MaindonaldJohn Maindonald
    May 25, 1999 at 5:16 am
    May 25, 1999 at 10:39 am
  • Using R (version 0.63.3) for MS windows, I try the following command which replies with an error message Too many parameters - FILES\RW0633 which appears to suggest that the space if the path name is ...
    Ross DarnellRoss Darnell
    May 19, 1999 at 1:58 pm
    May 19, 1999 at 4:38 pm
  • Hi, everyone, I was downloading the etc. (thanks to Guido Masarotto and Brian Ripley) I noticed there, which do not seem mentioned in the News file. My guess is that it is ...
    Mai ZhouMai Zhou
    May 17, 1999 at 3:14 pm
    May 17, 1999 at 6:09 pm
  • [1] "\\\\pm2" i.e. it seems impossible to set up a x so that "format(x)" returns "\\pm2", and in turn "cat(format(x))" prints "\pm2". ("\pm" is latex for "plus/minus"). R is version 0.64 for win95. I ...
    John PetersJohn Peters
    May 10, 1999 at 5:28 am
    May 11, 1999 at 5:07 am
  • In version 0.63.0 for Win95, I can use text() to write into the left margin (to the left of the axis) as follows: I see 5 "O" symbols at the expected position, two of which are left of the left ...
    Terry J. WestleyTerry J. Westley
    May 7, 1999 at 7:42 pm
    May 10, 1999 at 9:04 pm
  • Hi again ! Thanks for the info on updating the file which I have done. I have also added -lm in the Makeconf manually because this is needed explicitly for DEC cc. However, there are ...
    A O JaunsenA O Jaunsen
    May 3, 1999 at 7:43 am
    May 3, 1999 at 9:13 am
  • Dear R users How can I create 3D barplots in R. In Splus it is possible to create 3D barplots via graphical menus, but it would be nice to able to create 3D barplots via the command line in R. Any ...
    Regin ReinertRegin Reinert
    May 28, 1999 at 11:05 am
    May 28, 1999 at 1:43 pm
  • Warning: no data listing found Warning: package `survival5' contains datasets but no index The data loads OK. Mai Zhou -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ...
    Mai ZhouMai Zhou
    May 25, 1999 at 9:50 pm
    May 26, 1999 at 6:02 am
  • I am using rw0.63.2. I haven't upgraded because we use R for teaching. Students use R at home, and we don't want to change them over in midsemester. Also we have some additional functions we use, and ...
    David ScottDavid Scott
    May 24, 1999 at 9:48 pm
    May 25, 1999 at 6:26 am
  • As I understand it, sum() treats a logical vectors as 1's and 0's, so that [1] 1 However, summing the results of an yields a negative number. Eg [1] -1 (This is from R Version 0.64.0, under ...
    Barnet WagmanBarnet Wagman
    May 24, 1999 at 5:15 pm
    May 24, 1999 at 7:56 pm
  • Are there any libraries in R that can do discriminant analysis? Lily Elloso Research Division Statistical Research and Training Center (SRTC) Quezon City, Philippines ...
    Research DivisionResearch Division
    May 24, 1999 at 7:48 pm
    May 24, 1999 at 7:48 pm
  • How does one produce subscripts in axis labels? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Kurt Lohman, Biostatistician Department of Public Health Sciences tel: (336) ...
    Kurt LohmanKurt Lohman
    May 24, 1999 at 6:17 pm
    May 24, 1999 at 6:43 pm
  • I downloaded binary of survival5 for windows95 (also the splines, date). The function survsum shows up in content, has a help page, but the function itself is missing. Can we cut and paste the ...
    Mai ZhouMai Zhou
    May 24, 1999 at 2:49 pm
    May 24, 1999 at 3:53 pm
  • Hi, Whenever I issue this commands (as in the help for the threshold function), # # Do a 1D decomposition # tdecomp <- wd( # # Threshold it # tdecomp.thresh <- threshold(tdecomp) # # ...
    May 20, 1999 at 2:50 pm
    May 20, 1999 at 3:27 pm
  • I am trying to fit a GLM model using R (version 0.64.1 Win95) onto a dataframe(dtse) consisting of 3348 rows with 4 variables: - 3 factors: (c)31 levels, (m)12 levels (s)9 levels) - 1 integer: (n) ...
    Cor en AylinCor en Aylin
    May 18, 1999 at 6:27 pm
    May 20, 1999 at 1:15 pm
  • Help! I'm running successfully R_0.64.1 under windows95 with bother and thoroughly enjoying using it, but I would prefer to run under UNIX, I downloaded the various files but I'm coming across the ...
    Gary S. CollinsGary S. Collins
    May 19, 1999 at 10:43 am
    May 19, 1999 at 11:44 am
  • Does anyone know if an R plug-in exists for the GIS package ArcView running under Windows98 or NT? I know such a plug-in is available for S-PLUS. Thanks Karen Kotschy Centre for Water in the ...
    May 19, 1999 at 8:39 am
    May 19, 1999 at 10:12 am
  • I installed rw0641 from the binary but not the help files (not rw0641h, not rw0641w ). I do not like the MDI so I edited the ./etc/Rconsole to read MDI = no and I commented out #toolbar = ...
    Mai ZhouMai Zhou
    May 18, 1999 at 6:29 pm
    May 18, 1999 at 8:04 pm
  • I get this when I build --with-gnome: make[1]: Entering directory `/storage/build/R-0.64.1/src/include' make[1]: `FFDecl.h' is up to date. make[1]: Leaving directory ...
    Brian KurotsuchiBrian Kurotsuchi
    May 17, 1999 at 4:59 am
    May 17, 1999 at 9:03 am
  • Is there an equivalent to the S-PLUS par()$cxy in R? Also, is it possible to get notice taken of some equivalent of \n in R when using text()? For what it is worth I am using RW-0.64.1. John ...
    John MaindonaldJohn Maindonald
    May 17, 1999 at 6:01 am
    May 17, 1999 at 6:49 am
  • Who is the gnome "maintainer" of R ? Is it Lyndon drake ? what's the plan for the future ? Thanks Hervé Dréau Interne en Médecine hdreau at dreau at Médecine Linux Java ...
    May 14, 1999 at 8:45 pm
    May 16, 1999 at 8:17 pm
  • Has anyone succeeded in using HDF5 in R? Using Solaris R version 0.64.0: 1) R was configured in this way: cd /home/westley/R/R-0.64.0 setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/home/westley/HDF/lib ...
    Terry J. WestleyTerry J. Westley
    May 14, 1999 at 8:18 pm
    May 14, 1999 at 9:45 pm
  • Hello, Has anybody transferred Bearn's S+ code to R ? Best, Costas -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Konstantinos E. Vorloou | Tel: +44 (0)191 374 1821 ...
    Konstantinos Euripides VorloouKonstantinos Euripides Vorloou
    May 12, 1999 at 6:33 pm
    May 14, 1999 at 8:26 am
  • Hi I've tried and tried and I presume it is very simple but ..... I want some varying titles for plots using greek symbols eg using an expression like for (true in c(0:5)) plot(...,main = ...
    Peter BakerPeter Baker
    May 5, 1999 at 3:08 pm
    May 5, 1999 at 4:02 pm
  • For ordered factor the natural contrast coding would be to parametrize by the succsessive differences between levels, which does not assume equal spacing of factor levels as does the polynomial ...
    May 5, 1999 at 9:35 am
    May 5, 1999 at 12:30 pm
  • A pre-release of R-0.64.1 for Windows is available at CRAN/bin/windows/windows-NT/pre-0.64.1. Since there are a lot of Windows specific changes (see below for a list), we hope that many Windows users ...
    Guido MasarottoGuido Masarotto
    May 4, 1999 at 6:13 am
    May 4, 1999 at 6:54 pm
  • Dear R-help, I'm applying the surrogate Poisson glm, by following Venables & Ripley (7.3 pp238-42). Call: glm(formula = terms(Fr ~ treatment * age + (treatment + age) * repair, keep.order = T), ...
    Simon BondSimon Bond
    May 4, 1999 at 1:26 pm
    May 4, 1999 at 3:59 pm
  • ------------------------------------------------- SAMPLE SCRIPT: x<-rnorm(50) y<-12*x+30*rnorm(10) ff<-lm(y~x) sink("output.txt") print(ff) # this work give basic coefficients summary(ff) # should ...
    Geldenhuys, WillieGeldenhuys, Willie
    May 3, 1999 at 1:04 pm
    May 3, 1999 at 2:23 pm
  • Till this morning, "R-testers at" still was a valid alias to R-help. It is no longer... History: On 1996, Feb 12 Ross and Robert established a simple `alias mailing list' (i.e. no ...
    Martin MaechlerMartin Maechler
    May 31, 1999 at 1:08 pm
    May 31, 1999 at 1:08 pm
  • I have been attempting to use Bowman & Azzalini kernel smoothing routines from the SM library to sketch confidence intervals for serially correlated longitudinal data. The rm procedure does not seem ...
    Gareth RidallGareth Ridall
    May 31, 1999 at 8:26 am
    May 31, 1999 at 8:26 am
  • Hello All, I am trying to compile R-0.64.0 with gnome support. It seems to be choking on the library db1, which I can't find anywhere on my system (Linux-i386, Redhat 6.0). Does anyone know what ...
    Adam KornickAdam Kornick
    May 27, 1999 at 7:23 pm
    May 27, 1999 at 7:23 pm
  • Is there a way to turn pager off on rw0641? (The separate window that display the help files) The problem of SDI crashing R when you do ?ls and there is no help files do not occure in MDI. (SDI sound ...
    Mai ZhouMai Zhou
    May 18, 1999 at 7:05 pm
    May 18, 1999 at 7:05 pm
  • Does anyone know if there exists a function for R for windows to make a Chi2 goodness of fit test for a given distribution ? Thank you. Excuse my english but I am french. Pascal GRANDEAU ...
    May 17, 1999 at 3:36 pm
    May 17, 1999 at 3:36 pm
  • Dear All: I'm new to R, though I've used S+ on Windows. Since now I'm working on a SGI, I would like to switch to R. I'm trying to install R v.0.64.1 on a Silicon Graphics R5000 under IRIX 6.3, 180 ...
    Eduardo RochaEduardo Rocha
    May 17, 1999 at 1:57 pm
    May 17, 1999 at 1:57 pm
  • After thinking that the name difference was a problem, or that attaching the dataframe was a problem, I think it might be something to do with internal representation of numbers: aitken/Exam9 R R ...
    David ScottDavid Scott
    May 13, 1999 at 1:41 am
    May 13, 1999 at 1:41 am
  • I just started working on R, and lacking a manual I saw that the advice is to use som S or S-plus manual. Where can I find it online? P.S. I already downloaded and read "notes on S-plus" by ...
    Alessandro MagniAlessandro Magni
    May 12, 1999 at 3:56 pm
    May 12, 1999 at 3:56 pm
  • I have had a problem with stripplot. Documentation does say that method ="stack" is only appropriate for granular data, but I don't think that means it should fall over. Warning in y + (unlist(xo) - ...
    David ScottDavid Scott
    May 12, 1999 at 5:19 am
    May 12, 1999 at 5:19 am
  • When I try to install R-0.64.0 on my SUN ( SunOS ac6 5.7 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10 ) I get after "./configure --disable-readline" and "gmake" the following errors: gcc -O2 -I../include ...
    Ron WehrensRon Wehrens
    May 7, 1999 at 12:40 pm
    May 7, 1999 at 12:40 pm
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